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Energy Management

by energyprocurement

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Can something be controlled or regulated if it cannot be quantified? In order, to regulate or to control the effect of a company’s functioning on to the environment, it is essential to measure it. This is where the role of environmental assessment and its evaluation comes into force. It involves management of environmental systems, setting the specified objectives, tracking the actual performance and their compliance against the set standards. This is followed up by a review of the goals and measures of improvement which can be implemented for a healthy environment. It is an ongoing process of defining and redefining what we can do today to better and sustain our future. A corporate’s social responsibility is a self regulating mechanism whereby the company takes on the responsibility of its actions so that it leaves a positive impact on all concerned and affected. They include the environment, consumers, the work staff and communities who come in contact with them. The goal is to synergise the environmental performance with corporate performance.

 The first step towards this is calculating the carbon footprint of a company which is to ascertain the amount of carbon being released into the environment as a consequence of any activity undertaken by the organisation. This will provide crucial data to develop league tables for the buildings as standards against which the carbon and cost reduction targets can be set. Energy management provides carbon reduction strategies as customised solutions. It involves installing and continuous watch on the wireless energy and water meters so that energy can be used efficiently and wisely and it can help in controlling the costs of the company.

What it does?

  • Helps in finding out the energy usage.
  • Measuring energy performance compared to the benchmarks set
  • Setting targets, identifying the main performance indicators and review post measurement of performance
  • Provide detailed analysis of demand patterns to identify the untypically high end uses
  • Data is processed & presented in real-time to produce tailored carbon dashboards which give up to date energy consumption information and detailed reports giving information on how a facility or process is performing
  • Trends of energy consumption between day/night, summer/winter and weekday/weekend are highlighted


  • No hassles of software installations as it is a  subscription based service which can be accessed via a Web browser
  • There is no downtime
  • Interruption free import of data from utility suppliers, sub-metering, BMS, spread-sheets, et
  • Data from various sources Gas, Water, Electricity, Steam, Heat, Renewables etc

Scalable and can be made to fit any company and sector irrespective of its size

environmental assessment

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