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Doorbells have come a long way from the ding-dong type

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Doorbells are a necessity in any house, apartment or office and there are many kinds of doorbells available in the market. From wired to wireless door bells, the range in type, design and function is vast and customers can take their pick. A doorbell consists of a sounding system, a push button and transformer. The transformer is necessary to decrease the current to the appropriate voltage for running the doorbell. The simplest doorbell will have the basic ding dong sound and this one takes no time in installation and requires no programming.

Antique doorbells look extremely elegant and nowadays, reproductions are available at a much cheaper rate. This type of doorbell has a bell attached to it and a hole needs to be drilled in the wall for the bell to connect with the turning tool of the doorbell.

Wired door bells use a button on the exterior of the house which if pushed will generate a chime inside the house. Various buttons and switches can be connected between the many terminals and the transformer. Wired door bells have two bars which are flat and two solenoids and musical tunes too can be played when the button is pushed. Wired doorbells are not very popular now because walls have to be cut through for the wires to pass and it can be quite messy. Also, the chances of the transformer going bad are very high and the replacement presents another tedious job.

Wireless door bells have become the popular choice because of the convenience which they offer. There are no walls to be scarred for the wires to pass and being portable, they can be carried to any corner of the house which saves you from missing visitors or deliveries. They are also very reliable and require negligent maintenance as only the batteries have to be replaced when necessary. Many of these can play various chimes and it is fun and interesting to have different music greet whosoever rings the doorbell. These wireless door chimes have to be programmed.

Doorbells can also be integrated into the intercom system and it is very handy if the house is large or/and if there are children or elderly people in the house. Some of the latest doorbells even have the ability to page your mobile phone when someone rings the doorbell. You can send a signal allowing that person entry into your house even if you are far away without any security risk to your house. This has become possible with the GSM policy and is a boon for parents whose children have to be let in before the parents can be there. 

Doorbells have really evolved from the usual ding-dong variety and the consumer has the option to pick up the smartest and the most sophisticated doorbell today.

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