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Portfolio Website: How it Helps in Generating Leads

by pixpadesign

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The designing or web developing hemisphere is the most competitive atmosphere the design industry has ever experienced in history. To stand out from the crowd, your portfolio website allows you to expand your wings and rain information about your designs to your existing clients and potential clients. Your online portfolio is your virtual calling card and it helps you gain a professional internet presence. You can use your portfolio to generate leads.

What is lead Generation?

Lead generation is a marketing term which typically means to implore inquiries from your potential customers. In earlier days, people used to generate leads in fairs, where the customers used to fill out a form where they expect a call from the company as soon as the fair is over and they inquire about the specifications of the products and the their ultimate requirements. But now, most of the companies use the internet and their websites to collect and generate leads from the clients.

How can it help with an online portfolio of a designer?

Generating leads is a very important aspect for a designer if they intend to work long term for a client. There is a section in the portfolio where the clients fill out their contact information and the design calls or mails them from time to time to know if they have any work. This is a very efficient process, if you mail ten clients, there is a probability that at least one of them have a job for you. By doing so, you are never jobless.

This is a vital part when you are marketing yourself to the clients and when you have a lot of leads, you can always be busy earning. An important problem with this matter is that clients do not want to fill out the online form with their information. Here is something that you can do.

1. Build a dynamic website. Do not show a lot of contents publicly. Keep a suspense, and show half the design. Make them sign up in your website to see the whole content. When they sign up, you get their mailing address and then show them some of the things you are capable of doing. Do not spam them. Have a healthy contact with them show them your full potential. Very soon, you will see that they are interested in hiring you.

2. Create a subscription option. Give away free stuff, like an eBook or other materials in exchange of subscribing you. When they are subscribed, send them your recently designed materials and ask them does they need such designs or not.

Mining and generating lead is effective in a sense that you can keep up contact with your target market. The people are actually clients of other people and with some tricky and good mannered efforts, they can be your clients too, which means the inflow of more cash to your pocket.

Pixpa lets you to create online portfolio website for photographers,artists and designers in order to let them showcase, share and sell their work online.

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