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How to Know if Your Jewelry from Calvin Begay is Pure

by cassandrazengilowski

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Jewelry-making is an ornate method inveterate to lots of Native American tribes such as the Navajo people. For centuries, this tribe has been manufacturing necklaces and bracelets that are made of the purest jewels and metals. At present, hundreds of years later, the workmanship of one Navajo, Calvin Begay, has taken its due spot in the jewelry sector.

Every single piece of jewelry done by Calvin Begay symbolizes the Navajo tradition and integrates many sterling silver and turquoise in the patterns. If you wish to make certain that the piece you're getting is a true Calving Begay jewelry, you ought to be familiar with the unique qualities that constitute authentic Navajo jewelry.


As with any other artist, Navajo jewelry artists "sign" their showpieces to exhibit it as their own. These distinct signatures are referred to as hallmarks. They are signs, printed into the silver of any item of jewelry, and each has his own. Spotting the artist's hallmark verifies that you have a genuine item.

The Scratch Test

As previously claimed, the Navajo tradition of jewelry-making integrates many turquoise in their patterns. This is not simply any reconstituted or artificial turquoise but all-natural turquoise and other exquisite gems. With this in mind, another easy way to authenticate Calvin Begay jewelry is to do a scratch test. Graze the top of the turquoise with your fingernail and check out if you're able to scrape off the stone's surface. Real turquoise will not scuff and will keep its color even when scratched.

File Decoration Techniques

A couple of pieces of authentic Navajo jewelry will seem unique from one another even if both practically have identical forms. This is because of the "file decoration technique" a Navajo jewelry artist uses to embellish the precious jewelry. File decoration is a technique of etching quality and complex details in the jewelry by means of small instruments. If you're introduced with two pieces of Navajo jewelry, and both are identical or mirror images, there's a high risk that you're being misled.

Whether checking out genuine Navajo jewelry or premium glass works from Wimberley, verifying their source is of maximum value. By accomplishing this, you secure yourself from phony, replica, and counterfeit jewelry that are common in the market, and you get your money's worth on your purchase. To learn more, browse through gruks. info/article. php? id = 42445.

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