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The Importance of Proper Cleaning for Denver Heating Systems

by kurtverdejo

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Winter seasons in Denver Colorado tend to imply subzero temperature levels. This is thanks, in part, to its rather high elevation which gained it the moniker Mile High City. For Denver residents, HVAC or heating, ventilation and cooling systems are required for this weather condition. One of the most important parts of heating systems is the evaporator coil which likewise accumulates dirt and dust the fastest. For this reason it is important to find out the best ways to clean this part to ensure the proper cooling and heating of Denver homes.

The evaporator coil essentially makes the distinction between hot and cold air in your home. It is the gadget that either cools or heats the air that goes through it. This action triggers it to collect dirt rather easily, and a thick amount of dirt could ultimately obstruct its proper performance. The result: not enough air comes out of the vents.

Before you begin cleaning, it's extremely essential that you disconnect all electricity to your HVAC. Arm yourself with a shop vacuum cleaner, a smaller sized model generally used to draw out particles like sawdust, leaves and grass clippings, as well as liquids. Open the access panel on your HVAC to locate the coil. Read your owner's guide to find it.

Direct your shop vacuum nearest the grimy area and blow the pressed air into the cleaner side. If you are making use of a high pressure cleaner, ensure that you spray it right along with the fins; otherwise you might damage the latter. If you spot any bent fins, utilize a coil comb to brush them back into shape without causing damages.

Acquire a chemical cleaner and spray it from above the coil and enable it to settle. Obey producer's directions on exactly how long to leave it active and whether you have to wash it off. Reattach the access panel; make certain it's securely secure. Then, you can turn the power back on.

By cleansing the HVAC that Denver residences need year-round, property owners won't be inconvenienced by a defective heating unit or AC when the season calls for it. Don’t forget to keep your safety in mind when cleansing an evaporator coil since it's sharp and a conductor of electricity. To find out more on HVAC cleaning, check out


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