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The Hidden Force that Makes Carton Sealing Tape Bond

by claydelgado

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Some of the most basic and most overlooked things are discussed thoroughly on websites like HowStuffWorks. For example, have you ever wondered what makes multipurpose carton sealing tape stick to most areas? The gluey layer on the other side of the tape is already a given, but the bigger question is how precisely does it do what it does?

Enter Dutch scientist Johannes Diderik van der Waals, who showed the presence of molecules, as well as their size, by looking into their behavior. The attraction and repulsion of these molecules has come to be named a van der Walls force. In practical application, the molecules on modern tape and the carton surface connect, consequently inducing the former to stick to the latter.

Over time, tape has been used to display how van der Waals forces work in making a couple of items stick. Alone, a molecule can not perform much, but the gluey stratum of tape has millions of molecules that help it stick to just about any type of surface. Even if van der Waals force is regarded as weaker than other chemical bonds, it works to improve its performance with outright number.

The same principle applies when packing containers. The more tape you utilize for securing the box, the less possibly it is to spill the products in it during delivery. As such, rolls of tape are utilized to ensure that every open flap is taped securely. Aside from securing the openings, carton sealing tape can even be used to cover the whole carton many times over.

Think of a common gecko and how its tiny bristles help it stick to virtually anything. The same thing occurs to adhesive tape; polymers on the sticking stratum attract and repel against the covering it sticks to. You can't see it at plain view but the forces are present, making lives around the world a whole lot more hassle-free.

You can visit for additional details on how the van der Waals forces function to make tape stick. The same forces can likewise be seen in non-adhesive products such as plastic stretch wrap film.

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