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Inside Military Backpacks: Stuff that Make Wars Heavy

by kishakitchens

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Around half of the weight is in military-grade backpacks . . . they say the typical soldier holds around 90 pounds of gear on him. The weight of an ordinary eight-year-old being held in red zones around the globe . . . you're discussing this. As a slow soldier is often a painted target, soldiers train to carry heavy tons without bogging down.

Resilient military backpacks are designed to handle loads of around 40 lbs, depending on the nature of the goal or more. They're made from materials challenging enough to handle the weight, severe weather, and rough terrain. Now, it makes you question what a regular soldier packs in his knapsack that makes it really heavy. Below are some items the soldier may have in his pack and why he has one.

Food and Water

Wherever a soldier may be deployed, meals and water will always be a problem. Battling wars on terrorism and insurgency takes a lot of energy from the body, but infantrymen will not have the luxury of sitting down on the dinner table all the time. Food and water is typically packed in ready-to-use pouches so that soldiers can eat and drink while on the step.


The modern-day soldier teems with electronics from GPS to target painters; a power outage in the middle of a tough gunfight may mean certain death. It's thought that batteries make up half of the total weight of the common military knapsack alone. The lot of batteries in a soldier's pack need to suffice to power his gadgets for at least a week.

Tool Add-on

Additional publications, upkeep devices, scopes, silencers, and stocks are some of the fundamentals for the modern soldier. The standard-issue M4 carbine can be outfitted with nearly anything to suit combating conditions. He may even hold a set of night vision eye protections if he has to fight in total darkness. Even his vests, generally with at least 17 wallets, can be made use of to save these add-ons.

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