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Choose SINO-PK for High Quality Plastic Closure Molds

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Sino is a specialist in plastic closure molds making, closure mold manufacturing, plastic cap mould designer.

Sino plastic closure molds features:

Mold cavity number maximum up to 120 cavities

Sino can offer closure molds with cavity number ranging from 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24…to 48, 64, 96, 120 cavities..

Insert mold core and cavity

With insert mold core and cavity, it’s easier to ensure the concentricity of closure molds. Also it’s more convenient to replace the components if any damage occurs. And if one cavity doesn’t work, it will not have any impact on other cavities and the mold can still work and continue production.

Fully automatic unscrewing solution

We can offer closure molds with fully automatic unscrewing solution, which is necessary to fully automatic production line.

Interchangeable spare parts offered for free

Sino will send some interchangeable spare parts together with the molds. With these spare parts, you can quickly replace damaged part and continue your production.  Sino names each mold component with a unique code. You can contact us with this code to get spare parts delivered in 3 working days in case that you don’t have ready suitable spares parts.

Standard mold base design

Sino can offer molds with standard mold base and component like D-M-E Standard Mold Parts, Staubli Mold Components, Punch Mold Parts, LKM mould base, Hasco Mold Standard. With these standard mold base and component, it will be very easy to find mold components to replace in any country. So standard mold and component make it very convenient to repair and maintain the mold.

Advanced hot runner system

Sino use advanced Anole hot runner system for closure molds, with German made heating elements. This brand of hot runner system has very stable performance with competitive price. Also Sino can make closure molds with world famous brand of hot runner system, like Yudo, Synventive, Hasco, and Mold Master, etc…

Air sealing, water sealing and oil sealing solution

The plastic bottle is used for holding different stuff. Thus the caps should satisfy these different purposes for air sealing, water sealing and oil sealing. Sino has experience in offering different closure mould for water closure, oil cap, flip top cap, disco top closure, medical closure, etc..

Looking for high quality closure molds? Please contact us.

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