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Why are American Car Sales so Demanded?

by alxendargraham

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American cars are a high-quality product. They have been popular for the last years, not only in Switzerland but also in other European countries. Import car in Switzerland is one of the priorities of American industries.


The Chrysler Corporation which is located in Detroit, Michigan, the USA has been a partner of the Swiss auto market for many years.  Importation voiture en Suisse  The inventor of the auto whose name is Walter Chrysler belongs to the richest man in the world due to his initiative and talent to create genial things. He is one of  the greatest industrialists of the XX century. He started as a mechanic on the railroad and at the age of chatty years. Then he became a president of the huge group of auto “General Motors.”


In 1924, he was joined by three young technologists: Fred Zeder, Owen Skelton and Carl Brier. Thus who nickname latest autocratic auto Automobile "Chrysler Corporation," which soon became famous because of the exceptional quality of its products. 6-cyl car was produced by this car factory. Related articles and advices - Importing cars to Switzerland: Main Aspects.Its motor with SV-division achieved an output of 50 kW (68 h. p.) at 3800 r / min.


One of the most authentic, but also the most discussed model was “Erflau”, which had got its name from the dynamic aero body. The public took the model with reservation, which was a response to the number of sold cars. During the 4 years of the issue there was sold nearly 30,000 units of all. Walter Chrysler died in 1940, but the name, which he built, still occupies a significant position among such large corporations as “Ford”, “General Motors.”


But the history of the American-Swiss economic relationship wasn?t over. In 1971, there Chrysler Corporation presented the third generation of Riviera (one can see the car of this generation in the museum today.) Model in a way back “to the roots”, again getting front with a backslash, always associated with the shark's nose, but the rear end was performed in the style of “boattail” (stern), popular in the early 1950s. Vente voitures americaines The car engine installed capacity of approximately 7.4 liters 250 hp. 


Unfortunately, the model's design did not come to taste of the buyers, and sales of this model fell.


The three-stage gear box was connected to the motor through a dual clutch. Chassis classical doctrine had severe bridges semielliptical springs. Hydraulic brake booster with low pressure as the working fluid used a hodgepodge of glycerin and water. Car reached a speed of 210 km / h.


Last years those American cars continued to conquer the European market as a whole, and Swiss in particular.I'm online at social network: Importation voiture en Suisse. Now you can see lots of Chryslers, Fords, Dodges and other cars in the Swiss streets. American car sales are really good. The statistics proved this fact.


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