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The Horror of Filming

by jamesonjacoby

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Has there ever been such a scary sight, as watching a person running through the woods, with someone or something evil in their pursuit. The scene is made even more frightening with the use of a hand held camera capturing their every step, giving you a firsthand experience directly through its lens. Obviously if someone was being pursued, then filming the whole experience would be the last thing on their minds, but this type of first person shooting is what makes this type of film so unique and real.


I am, of course, talking about the Blair Witch Project which terrified cinema goers in 1999 with its tale of three film students who go missing after wandering into the woods to make a documentary about the legend of the Blair Witch. The combination of voodoo and filming through scared student’s eyes was a frightening concept that had the cinema world talking.


Since then, many more films have followed suit, like Diary of the Dead, The Zombie Diaries and Clover field, about a giant space creature smashing up the streets of New York, although the object of the chaos is hidden from the protagonist’s view at first. Some even take it to the extreme of horror, such as Welcome to the Jungle, a story of two couples who go searching for a missing heir to the Rockefeller fortune within the wilderness of New Guinea. The exploration leads to their demise when they come across a group of cannibals. The story in this film is made even scarier by the hand-held camera that films their every move.


Obviously this way of shooting works is perfect for a horror movie. But you don’t have to be recreating a scary moment to make your own unique style of film. Filming in a rickshaw can offer you the same technique and help bring another dimension to your filming, showing an alternative angle to your film. The versatile structure of a rickshaw is perfect for filming subjects on the move.


You don’t have to be making a movie to benefit from original filming and tours captured on camera. You can even just film your tour around the city of London as a keep-safe and a momentum of your journey. Rickshaws ensure that they make the best use of your space, which includes travelling in comfort as you film, and it also caters for your own equipment so you don’t need a cameraman in tow. Even the television companies are realising its potential, to show the viewer their creation from a 360 degree angle. And you don’t have to limit it to just one rickshaw either; Rickshaw filming using several rickshaws will give multiple angles to your movie and give your film that extra edge.


Author Information: Jameson Jacoby is a writer and a journalist. He writes for numerous online publications and magazines. He is the author of London Rickshaws for the article on Rickshaw filming. For more information visit Ambient advertising

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