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Fat Removal can be done with no more complication

by nickfoster

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Liposuction is a surgical method to remove disproportionate fat deposits from the body. It is fat removal and its objective is to re-contour the body to give a fit and trimmer shape. Removing fat due to exercising and dieting may not work every time and in such case, liposuction is the best possible method. Fat can be removed from stomach, thighs, hips, upper arms, knees, chin and many such areas. Though liposuction does remove fats, healthy and balanced lifestyle should be maintained.


Procedure: The procedure for liposuction in Delhi  is fairly simple. The procedure can be done under local anaesthetic, light sedation or general anaesthetic. An injection is inserted into the area to loosen fat deposits. Minute incisions are made to insert metal tube and suction is initiated to absorb the fat deposits. There are hardly any visible marks left after the process. Fasting needs to be done before the procedure can be done. Complete details will be communicated to you once you go for the procedure.


Eligibility: A pre-screening will be done to determine whether liposuction is suitable in your case or not. A review of medical history and current fitness levels will be done. Basically pregnant women and people with blood disorders and respiratory problems are not eligible for liposuction. The risk increases in the above mentioned cases is high.


After the Procedure: The patient can be discharged on the day of procedure but it primarily depends on extent of surgery. The area will be dressed with pressure bandage providing the support required for recovery. The bandage needs to keep on for a week or two depending on the surgical area. For some days following the procedure, there may be discomfort in form of swelling, bruising etc but it is completely normal. Regular follow up checks ups will be done. Patient will need to limit his movements and stay off work for some time.


Complications: Every surgery has its own set of complications which may arise on case to case basis. Liposuction though is quite safe, there might be some complications. The area can become infected but it can easily be treated with antibiotics. Liposuction helps in trimming body shape but a person may develop loose skin depending on skin elasticity. However separate treatment can be sought for the same.

Enquiry: If you are interested in getting liposuction or understand more about the procedure, visit Dr. P K Talwar who is one of the leading plastic and cosmetic surgeons of India.


Summary-Liposuction is a great surgical method to remove unwanted fat from once body and every surgery has its own set of complications.


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