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Last-Minute Holiday Hauls: Buying Discounted Overstock Items

by jeanaland

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Ask anybody about the best time to buy stuff, and they’ll tell you that it’s during, or immediately after the holidays. The reason is because stores are typically on sale at this time, and as the elementary equation of shoppers goes: sales equal cheaper goods. But did you know that there’s a way to shop for even much less?

Stores typically have overstocks of some merchandise. Overstock is a fancier term for surplus goods, and it refers to items that stores are not able to sell. Because stores will want to get rid of these items as soon as possible, they’re sure to put their quality overstock items for sale, and offer these at rock bottom prices to dispose them.

Overstock merchandise can be anything—toys, clothes, accessories which are out of season. Items like Christmas décor, Halloween costumes, summer swimwear and winter clothes are examples of surplus once the seasonal purchasing window is up. It may sound counterintuitive to buy these items off-season, but if a store offers them on an end-of-season sale, it’s a bargain that’s hard to refuse. Anyway, you will always find good use for them next year.

Given these circumstances, the best time to buy discounted overstock items for sale is long after the holidays have passed. Stores are sure to have unsold and excess inventories meant for peak seasons that need unloading, and you’ll be more than willing to take it off their hands. However, some stores might not sell their extra wares in retail, and you may have to go to an overstock reseller to get these goods.

Resellers help stores liquidate their surplus merchandise by buying them by the lot. They are your reliable secondary sources for overstock items when the direct distributor no longer sells them. So if you’ve missed a store’s end-of-season sale, fret not; resellers might have some stock on hand for you.

The holidays can be a fine time to buy gifts, but not all the best deals can be had on such days. Try buying offseason, and see how much more you can save. For a handy guide on how to shop for closeout sales wisely, view

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