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Known to the world for its Gold colored sand stone fortress known as the “Sonar Quila”, Jaisalmer the Golden City of India, is the city in the state of Rajasthan that is unmatched in its beauty and appeal. No city perhaps in the world brings out the mesmerizing charm of the desert and its life like Jaisalmer. Built in the 12th century the fortress perched on top of Trikuta Hills marked the establishment of Jaisalmer on the caravan routes of Central Asia. The city was ruled by Maharawal Jaisal, a ruler of the Bhati clan of the Rajputs and was named after him.

Every year for three days in the month of February from the 23rd-25th this city plays host to one of the most happening non-religious festivals in India known as the Jaisalmer Desert festival. This festival is arranged by the Rajasthan government in order to bring the various facets of the desert life of India in one place. The main purpose of the festival is to attract as much foreign tourist as possible, and therefore is usually thronged by many foreigners who have long craved for something like this where they can get everything the deserts of Rajasthan has to offer.

The festivals sees Rajasthani folk artist from around Rajasthan come together to perform at the event representing in their acts the joys and tragedies of this land so deeply entrenched in history. There are performances by the tribal aerobics artists known as Nat’s or Kalabaz.  Other attractions at the festival include Snake-charmers, folk music recitals of the history of the land, and the ancient form of entertainment and story-telling through puppetry under the twilight sky of the desert winter. There are some very unique and fascinating competitions in the festival as well such as the turban-tying competition, the longest moustache competition and Mr. Desert contest.

The longest moustache is a favorite among foreigners as you will see hordes of them trying to get a vantage point to see some of the longest moustaches ever. Many foreign guests at the festival are invited to be judges at the event and get the opportunity to pose with the winner. Well last but not the least a desert and especially a festival on it is incomplete without its favorite animals the Camels. There are various competitions at the festival involving Camels such as Camel race, Camel polo and Camel decorating competition. The Jaisalmer desert festival is the best of the desert you could ever get in one place. 

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