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There are various storage solutions available

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There are various storage solutions that can help you enhance the storage space your organization. In this competitive business world, every organization has its own confidential data to be stored and maintained. As the industry grows, the amount of data also increases. It is intricate to manage the large amount of data in one single device. Many companies use servers as their basic devices to save and protect the data for many years. The traditional servers are good at managing the network connections and the data, but they have the limited capacity. Due to this, they cannot perform high processing power.

There are many IT companies, which are developing multiple devices for enhancing the storage space. These are cost-effective and can be manageable by small sized companies. There are many devices, which can provide numerous solutions to perk up organizational business levels. There are many types, form zip drives to network devices, which are useful both for personal as well as official use. There are data travelers, flash drives, hard disk drives (HDD), solid state drive (SDD), optical drives, tape drives, tape libraries, autoloaders, magnetic tapes, SAN, NAS, DAS and many more.  All these are most common and popular in all types of industries. These are used to move or copy the data form one device to another one and also maintain it securely without losing any information. These are also used for personal computers as these are easily affordable and can be carried easily.

Apart from these devices, there are hard disk systems that are used in many organizations. They are DS 5000, Storwize V3700, DS 8000, EXP5060, DS8870, TS 2370, 3520 tape cartridge, SONAS, Tivoli manager, system X and Z, enterprise Z9 and many more. All these products are specially designed with advanced features to manage the competency. SONAS is the latest version of network devices that are used to enhance the competency and also offer maximum capacity. It is abbreviated form of scale out network attached storage. These SONAS systems are the ultimate storage solution for cloud implementations and supports large scalability. These are featured with single file system and allow multiple files of up to 256 file systems. These can save the total cost of ownership to save the operational costs. These can invest the cost savings in other new services. SONAS utilizes less power and maximizes the return on investments. These also maintain the large amount of data and retrieve it whenever required.

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