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Providing 2 Choices for Laser Liposuction in Los Angeles

by shavondaduarte

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Vacationers don't just troop to Los Angeles for the hot spots and the celebrities, they also head over to LA for the retail therapy. Anyone who understands anything concerning clothing will not miss the chance to go to places like The Grove, Rodeo Drive, or the various outlets around the city. Meanwhile, it can be depressing to find out that the recent holiday celebrations have left you several pounds heavier and unable to fit into all your spring/summer outfits.

While routine exercise and a well balanced diet are practical solutions to lose weight, they might not be adequate to help you sculpt your figure to your preferred measurements. To attain the best figure and fit in your beautiful designer clothing, you may want to consider treatments like liposuction. If you're hesitant to try standard liposuction techniques, then you might want to think about laser liposuction in Los Angeles.

There exist particular similarities between standard lipo and laser-assisted lipo. For instance, they target the exact same problem regions like the abdomen, waist, love handles, outer and inner thighs, and hips. Both techniques are performed within medical centers under local anesthesia. For optimum comfort, surgeons may administer general anesthesia if several spots have to be dealt with.

The main difference lies in the way by which the aforementioned methods are performed. In traditional liposuction, the doctor makes small cuts in the regions to be dealt with, puts in a suction device in those incisions, and utilizes a suction pump to remove the excess fat. In laser-assisted lipo like slimlipo, laser is utilized to liquefy the excess fat just before it is removed through a thin suction rod.

Liquefying fat makes it so much easier to extract. Laser also promotes collagen and elastin production, thus helping to tighten up the skin. Furthermore, the incisions made in a slimlipo surgery are considerably smaller, less obvious, and take a much shorter time to fade. To get the best results, patients are strictly urged to adhere to their surgeon's post-operative instructions.

Prior to anything else, it's a good idea to consult with your doctor to carefully figure out which kind of liposuction in Beverly Hills can work best for you. As soon as you've had the surgery done, you'll be sashaying in your designer dress in no time. For more information, go to


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