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Changing your motorcycle Tires is now easy!

by Neomy

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Do you dread the idea of getting a puncture in the middle of nowhere? Do you fear this because you think that changing a tire is a very hard process? Let go all your fears and see what an easy process tire changing is. All you need to have is the right tools and know the steps. With these, you will never have to be afraid of going out for motorcycle rides alone for fearing punctures.
You will need the following tools;
• Motorcycle stand
• New tube
• Crescent wrench
• Hammer
• Crowbar
• Air compressor
• Take your motorcycle and place it in an area away from distractions. Ensure that the place is flat. If you got the puncture at the middle of the road, drag the bike to the roadside to avoid causing accidents or distractions on the road. Pull up the bike by the use of the motorcycle stand.

• By the use of the crescent wrench, loosen the lug nut on the tire and then remove it.  Take out the washer that is found between the axle and the nut.

• Take the hammer and hit the lug nut all the way through the shaft of the axle. When it’s a bit loose, use your hand to pull it out. Next, take out the square bracers from the tightening channel of the swing arm.

• Using the bead breaker tool, break the bead away from the rim. When you hear a pop sound, know that the bead is broken. Spin the chain out of the sprocket by pressing the tire forward and then detach the motorcycle tire from the motorcycle.

• Next, using the knife or the screwdriver, press the core of the valve-stem and release the air from the tube. Use the crowbar to move the side of the touring motorcycle tire up over the edge of the rim. Ensure you do not pinch the tube while doing this if you need to use it again. Detach the tube from the tire and remove the other side too.

• Take the other tire, place it alongside the rim and push it over its edge. Slip the old tube into the rim, but if you have a new tube, you can use it too. Make sure that the tube is in line with the valve-stem hole.

• Pry the other side of the tire onto the rim using the crowbar. Do this carefully to avoid pinching the tube. Once it’s settled on the rim, pump up the tire using the air compressor.

• The tire is now ready to be placed back to the motorcycle. Just follow the process you used to detach it to attach it back. Only that this time ensure its tightly held in place.

You are now good to continue with your journey.

See! Motorcycle tire replacement is that easy. All you have to do is follow the simple steps above and you will be ready to go before you even realize it. All the best!

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