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Tips for choosing the perfect fringe dress costumes for your

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Perhaps one of the most important prerequisites for achieving a memorable dance performance is making sure that the dancers are decked in the right costumes. For a dance to resonate with the audience the costumes chosen by the dancers must amplify the theme of the dance and bring out each dancer's character.


Dance organizers can choose costumes from a wide selection. There are costumes such as ballet tutus that are only ideal for specific dance styles. Others like fringe dresses are more versatile thus allowing dance producers to get more creative with them. They can as such be customized for different dance styles. Inasmuch as dance producers can use certaincostumes for a variety of dances, care must always be taken when selecting or designing the same. A dance producer should think carefully about the costumes that the dancers will be dressed in because inappropriate costumes will ruin the performance.


Before settling on any fringe dress costume, one must consider the song the dancers will be dancing to. The song should influence the costume, not the other way round. It is easy to start by selecting a song and then design a costume that will go hand in hand with the song but it makes little sense to start with a costume and then try to mould a song around it. In selecting a costume therefore, the first consideration should be the song.


One should consider whether fringe dresses will be ideal for the song because not all songs can be danced to whilst wearing such costumes. If however the costume has been deemed appropriate, the next thing to consider is the theme of the song because a dress must portray the theme of the song accurately. For instance, if the song is lively, the dresses should have brilliant colors. Each dancer should wear a color that corresponds with his or her character. A dour character can thus wear a grey or black fringe dress whereas a quixotic character will appear excellent in a bright red or yellow costume.


The age of the dancers also matters when selecting fringe dresses for a dance. Dresses look different on wearers of different ages and body size; a dress for an adult dancer should therefore be designed differently from that for a young girl. One must also consider how revealing the fringe dress will/should be. Younger dancers should generally wear less revealing clothes because some people in the audience may frown at little girls wearing very skimpy outfits.


The dancers' body types are also very important when choosing fringe dresses because for dance costumes, one size doesn't fit all. A dance troupe will almost always have members with different body shapes, some slender, others a bit chubby, and so on. Each dancer should as such have a dress made particularly for them. Chubbier ladies will need loose-fitting dresses that don't highlight the flabby parts of their bodies whereas svelte dancers should get tighter dresses to accentuate their curves.


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