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CE Proofing on Boats: What It is and its Importance

by markbrown

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If you’re planning to sell a boat overseas, you will come across the inevitable CE proofing. The Communaute Européenne (CE) marking is a mandatory mark for products being sold in countries that fall under the EEA or the European Economic Area. It’s advantageous for consumers because it assures them that the boat is in good working condition.

The marking means that the boat has been inspected, and it is in compliance with the European Directive and ISO standards. Emissions, gas, and noise are a few things that might be inspected to make sure that it complies with the Recreational Craft Directive. Selecting the country where to get a CE marking depends on your location.

For instance, if you are selling a boat en route to the United Kingdom or Holland, then it’s not ideal to get a CE marking in the United States. However, if it’s to other EEA countries, getting a CE marking in the US may be more beneficial. This is because the entire process could be completed before the boat arrives.

There are companies that provide boat CE proofing services in the United States as well as other countries. The company will send you a proposal that will outline its responsibility as well as yours. This proposal will also include other details pertaining to the project like time tables. The company will create a technical compliance file that will be submitted to the proper authorities.

Should the CE certifying company find any non-conformities in your boat—relating to emission or exhaust—it’s your responsibility to rectify it. This is the reason some boat sellers perform a thorough inspection themselves. It gives them an opportunity to make the boat compliant.

Even if you aren’t selling, boats are required to be CE marked, especially if you are sailing it on waters that fall under the EEA. Getting the marking generally takes between one to three weeks, but it would also depend on the workload of the certifying body. Check out search engines like and type the keyword CE marking for more information. You can also browse through and for additional information.

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