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How To Avoid Wrinkles On Bed sheets While Washing

by articleajay

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Bed sheets can change the look of your room. If the bed sheets are not properly selected it can really affect your mood. If might not believe it but, you will have to as when you enter any room the only thing that actually grabs your attention are the walls as well s the bed in the room.

It's only because of those you will really like the room. Even if you have the best of the decoration in the room, but, if the bed sheet is not according to the room decor it can really ruin the effort you have put in for decorating the room.

Bed sheets are so influencing that these can really set the mood. Try this it really works. If these are according the mood then these really help you to get in to the naughty mode really easily.

So, don't you think that as the bed sheets play the most important part in the room. We should really make sure that the linen we use in the room should be chosen in such a way that it stays there for years as well as should go with the room decor?

Most of us think that choosing them is really a easy task but it is not if you want to choose the bed linen in such a way that it, not only suits your room decor but it also make your room look good. Choosing of bed sheets nowadays has been made really easy as you can buy bed sheets online.

Bed linens are available in the market in several variations like cotton, poly cotton and many more but you need to choose the one that suits your requirement.

We all might have sometime or the other time have had purchased those, and might have had thought that, how to take care of the bed sheets in such a way that these stay new for years.

The only thing needs to be taken care of while using the them is how you wash them. It may be a cotton bed sheet or of any other stuff It is washed in similar manner.

Cotton one tend to get wrinkles while you wash, so we will look how to wash it in correct manner.

Steps To Wash a Bed sheet

  • Remove the sheet and the pillow cover from the bed.
  • Place one set in to the washing machine at a time
  • Make sure that you wash the them in cold water.
  • Add 2 tsp of mild liquid laundry detergent
  • Set the washing machine to gentle wash.
  • Add ¼ cup of non-chlorine bleach to the water.
  • This will help give a whiter look.
  • Remove the sheets from the washing machine as soon as possible
  • Shake the sheets so that the wrinkles are reduced.
  • Now place it in to the dryer.
  • Now dry it on the clothes line until it dries out completely
  • Now fold the sheet to square if you want to keep it in almira or place it on to the bed.

If these things are kept in mind while washing a linen it will help you reduce wrinkle while you wash a bed sheet.

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