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Chimney Flashing Repair Tips from Memphis Roofing Companies

by elizabethhoffnung

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Because of its close proximity to the Mississippi river, Memphis Tennessee is given its reasonable share of precipitation with March, April, May, November, and December as the wettest months. You should carry out roof leak inspections and repairs every so often to keep your home from excessive water damage. Your chimney, for example, where flashing may be set up, must be routinely inspected for evidences of damage. Listed here are chimney flashing repair tips you can carry out, but remember it's always better to employ reputable Memphis roofing companies to take care of your roof:.

To start with, do a basic chimney assessment. Make certain that you have safety equipment on when you climb to your roof to carry this out. It may be most effective to perform these assessments when you are confident that your roof is dry and not slippery. At that point, check for cracks or gaps right between the flashing pieces where water can leak in.

At times, the flashing material near the roof side edge may be more vulnerable to leaks, as the caulking in this area is more commonly weathered or shrunk. You can use a putty knife or a razor to take out the damaged caulking around the flashing's edge. Use your hand to pull off the flashing and utilize a wire brush to tidy up the surface.

Once the surface is completely cleared of dirt and debris, apply a new bead of roof caulking to the edge of the flashing. Ensure that the opening of your caulking cartridge nipple is around 1/2 inch or larger. This will enable the application of the largest caulking bead. Apply a single continuous bead to be sure that the caulking will be water-proof and tight.

The caulking ought to be left to dry overnight. The next day, check for indications of bubbles or cracks in your repair work that can cause further leaks. If this happens, make sure to re-caulk as required. You can also make use of a paintbrush to put on a roof flashing sealant to improve waterproofing.

If you think you aren't skilled enough to properly carry out these necessary repair works, you could always hire your expert Memphis roofing contractors. Remember that a well-kept roof can help keep your home and your family safe and comfortable. For additional details on chimney flashing repair, visit

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