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Server room design: what you need to know

by vineetgkp

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A server moon is the space created that houses all the hardware of computer networks in an organization.  Most professionals who deal with IT spend a lot of their time in server rooms, trying to put an accessible and safe data center for creating IT infrastructure and operations. It is always advisable that you create a spacious, safe and computer friendly server rooms for the entire team.

The following are things that you should have in mind when you are constructing a server room

Have an appropriate room size

Before designing your server room, physical space needs to be considered. Your server room should have enough space for the servers, cables, wires and other equipment. Also you need to know how many racks are needed now and in future.  Building your server room according to the current and future needs is ideal; this will help you avoid server room moves.

Set up hardware for storage

To maximize space, utilize shelving and cabinets this will help you store your machinery and other computer inventory in the server room. Using Telco rack is ideal because it can store hundreds of 1U blade servers and high servers.  

Keep the server room cool

A well-designed server room needs to be cool and dry. This is necessary in keeping all the machines in the room from overheating. A good option can be to install a raised floor which initiates cooling mechanism. Also you can choose to use in-row cooling units and move the compressor up the roof.  Having a ceiling that is 12 to 18 feet high will make the room cool. You can also keep a thermometer in the room; this will ensure that the temperature in the room is moderate.

Make enough space for cables

Server room construction needs an expert who will make sure that there is enough space under the floor for electric cables. Always have an electrical power whip from one panel. This will help to cut down the electric services being routed to each machine.

Develop security procedures

The server room should always be restricted to only those who go to work there. For security purposes you have to install a fingerprint or hand print recognition system. A well secured data room is essential for data protection.

Allow for monitoring

The server room should always be monitored around the clock.  Every activity coming from the network servers should be scanned for abnormalities.

Another major decisions to consider when designing a sever room is whether to install a raised floor or use a solid floor. Using a raised floor design is not ideal it is better to use a solid floor. Though it depends with where you have built your server room. Always consult from an expert before doing any server room moves.

Aberrant technologies are specialized in server room designs and management of data centers. Also if you are planning for server room moves we have a 24 hour working team that will relocate you to your place of re-allocation, also we have experts who deal with server room construction.

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