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The Hints of the Purity of Calvin Begay Jewelry

by cassandrazengilowski

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Those who are seeking fine-crafted accessories can hang out with the Navajo people, a Native American tribe well-known in the industry. The Navajo make use of a lot of sterling silver and turquoise in their styles, although other jewels and metals are also utilized once in a while.

If you wish to make sure you're purchasing real Calvin Begay jewelry (or precious jewelry from any Navajo jewelry artist, for that matter), you ought to acquaint yourself with the qualities that comprise real Navajo jewelry. This makes certain you are not tricked by counterfeits or phonies.


Navajo jewelry specialists work with hallmarks, or symbols, to denote their jewelry as their own after manufacturing it. In this sense, hallmarks are like unique tags that authenticate jewelry. Each creator has his own hallmark that he would stamp into the silver in an item of jewelry. Every time you're purchasing a piece of Navajo jewelry from a certain artist, always look over the item for the artist's hallmark to ensure that you know that you have the genuine deal in your hands.

Scratch test for turquoise

Navajo designers-- specifically the more prominent ones-- do not apply imitation turquoise or other elaborate gemstones in their jewelry. Considerably the opposite, real Navajo jewelry is identified by the use of all-authentic rocks. One fast and basic solution of examining if turquoise is authentic is to scrape the exterior of a gemstone with a fingernail. If you are able to scrape off the stone's surface and expose the white it, then you can be certain the stone is a phony. Genuine turquoise passes the scratch test and maintains its color even with the rub.

File decoration technique for metal jewelry

Navajo jewelry artists normally produce and embellish metal jewelry using the self-named "file decoration technique." In this approach, the metal is chiseled with small, elaborate tools to engrave fine and often complicated features in the jewelry. Considering that these are hand-held instruments, it is common for each piece of authentic Navajo jewelry to appear slightly different from the next, even if they are designed to be identical designs.

Navajo jewelry is one-of-a-kind, inexpensive, and magnificent. Due to their growing appeal, however, imitations have started deluging the marketplace, along with claimed glass works from Wimberley. You need to know how to identify genuine pieces from counterfeits so you're confident you're putting your money in the right place. To discover more about native American jewelry designs, visit native-languages. org/jewelry. htm.

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