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The Benefits Of VoIP For Business

by Anilstain

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VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, has completely taken over telecommunications in small and medium business enterprises. The reason behind this is the advantages that this type of calling offers over conventional landline calling. It ensures cheaper calls and a huge set of features to choose from. Enlisted below are some of the major benefits that SME owners can avail through VoIP-

  • Reduced calling costs- The most prominent benefit of VoIP for business is the significant reduction in calling costs that such a plan offers. Local and long-distance calls are charged at almost the same price. Businesses no longer have to choose the apt calling plans to meet their individual needs, as VoIP calling covers all types of calls at the least possible cost. Most businesses report at least a 35% reduction in phone bills, while for some it may be as high as 80%.
  • No need for equipment- Unlike many other business software that require an elaborate plan to be laid down for their installation and application, switching to VoIP is often the easiest possible transition. This is especially true in case of hosted VoIP, in which the entire equipment is owned by the provider, with the business just requiring the basics like computers and speakers. Not only it saves on the initial investment, but also helps save on later costs in case of up-scaling.
  • Increased flexibility- VoIP phones have been designed taking into account the needs of modern businesses, which is evident from the wide range of features that these phones offer. To begin with, VoIP allows you to conveniently keep your old phone number, or if you decide to change it, to choose a desired area code. Another major advantage that business owners get through VoIP is that they can use their office phone even if they are not physically present at the office. It is possible because this phone system is internet-based, which makes it as simple as sending emails.
  • Easy maintenance- In case of any sort of maintenance needed in hosted VoIP, the VoIP provider addresses the issues. This amounts in saving for the business, both in terms of money and time. It eliminates the need of an in-house IT department for troubleshooting, since the technicians at the VoIP provider can fix any issues through remote access. This is also beneficial when any upgrades are required, since the need for disrupting the existing system to accommodate such upgrades is eliminated.

Wide set of features- By investing in VoIP, businesses can gain access to exciting features that not only add to the efficiency of telecommunication, but also boost business productivity. These features include auto attendant, voicemail-to-email transition, call transfer, call waiting, call conferencing, intra and inter-branch calling, call recording, creating extensions, real-time bill updates, etc. These features go a long way in improving the efficiency of employees, and also contribute to enhanced customer satisfaction.

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