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Preventing Hearing Loss

by elynieva

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There are some situations in life that cannot be avoided. There are those however that are within our powers to eradicate as well as correct. Some diseases are caused by genetics and there is nothing we can do to correct this. Others are caused by our own habits such as smoking, drinking as well as living dangerous. Knowing the causes of a certain condition is important as it helps us know the steps to take to eradicate it. Hearing loss can be caused by a number of factors; there are those that are within us and those such as genetics that we cannot remedy. It is those factors that we can control that should concern us most.


Noise is rated highly as the major cause of hearing loss especially in young music. Noise comes in many forms but is measured in decibels. Decibels beyond a certain point can cause instant deafness while persistent noise beyond a certain level will eventually cause deafness. A level that makes you uncomfortable or that prevents you to make a normal conversation or any conversation at all can lead to hearing loss. There are steps that can be taken to remedy this but the most important is to avoid such a situation.  For those that work in an area with high noises, you should wear earplugs. For those that frequent clubs with loud music you should just learn to avoid them for it is not possible to control music in a club that you do not own. It would be advisable though to select a spot where you are not in the direct line of the loud music.


Hunters are also rated as very predisposed to hearing losses. This is because gunfire has an abnormally loud noise that can cause hearing loss if persistent. For instance, it is not unlikely to find that most of the elderly people complaining of hearing losses are war veterans.


It also pays to avoid areas with sharp object that can cause serious injuries to the ear. Accidents that often results to holes in the ear can cause hearing loss. It is always important to wear protective gears when working in such an area or with such objects. You should also ensure that you get an annual medical check up to ascertain your hearing abilities. If certain conditions can be detected early, they can be corrected without necessarily resulting to adverse effects.

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