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Fastest relief from pain

by 3secondheat

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201 views has the greatest heat pads on the face of the planet. I
have had back pain for the past 17 years and have always found that heat to
helps me manage my pain the best. I’ve used hot water bottles and the
microwave bags in the past. The microwave bag lasts for maybe 15 minutes of
heat, and both of these products produce very inconsistent heat. 3SecondHeat
provides hours of relief and the heat that they provide is very consistent.
I use the Big Magic Rectangle with the Magic Back Strap which allows me to
be mobile when I’m using them. A few years ago I worked a corporate job
where I was always on the road. When I was experiencing back pain, I would
actually put the pad on under my suit and go to my meetings. No one would
even know that I was wearing a heat pad. These heat pads allowed me to go to
meetings that I might have not been able to attend without the portable
heat. When I got home I would boil the pad, and then use the residual heat
from the boiling to sooth my back at night. When I woke up in the morning
the pad was ready to come to work with me again. Everything that has is practical and functional. Most people think that
relief from pain can only take place at home or at the physiotherapist’s
office. 3SecondHeat changes all of that allowing you access to heat

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