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Maintenance Tips for Vancouver Heating Systems

by darryliorio

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A recent survey showed that only 25 percent of Canadian home owners regarded heating system upkeep as a top priority. It is still impossible to make it through the season in that town with no home heating, even though winters in Vancouver are typically milder compared to other places in Canada. This is the reason why regular upkeep of systems for heating in Vancouver ought to always be a top priority. Listed below are a few maintenance tips to bear in mind this winter.

Schedule maintenance visits in advance. As much as possible, have them carried out as early as autumn. The last thing anyone would wish to experience during winter is a faulty furnace. By scheduling a service visit one season ahead, an issue that may require days to deal with would not be a reason for concern.

Check the filters routinely. This is one simple maintenance idea that, unfortunately, some people forget to carry out. Grimy filters make the unit work harder than it needs to. Apart from the reduction of heat produced, it also results in higher power costs. Clean filters will also keep debris from getting in the blower and cause overheating. Generally, filters should be changed at the beginning of every heating season.

Insulate your home adequately. Seal all doors and windows to make sure that you do not lose any kind of heat produced by the heating system. Attic rooms and basements ought to be lined with insulation of 30 centimeters thickness. Ensure that areas that aren't insulated, such as crawl spaces and garages, aren't getting any heat. It is also a good idea to close the registers in unused rooms to preserve precious heat.

Don't forget to examine the ductwork that leads to and from the heat recovery ventilator. Make certain that the joints are tightly sealed which there are no cracks and holes. Additionally, check the device for any blockages and debris that may have built up throughout the non-heating season.

Older devices for heating in Vancouver require more attention as heat exchangers can get rusty with time. Rusty pipes are more vulnerable to developing fine cracks where waste gases like carbon monoxide could seep out from. Since these cracks might be invisible to the untrained eye, it is important to have an expert check for any such gas leaks. Stay clear of additional troubles by having a carbon monoxide detector set up on each level of the house. For more heating maintenance suggestions, check out or readersdigest. ca/home-garden/do-it-yourself / furnace-maintenance.

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