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Pairing the perfect bustier with your wedding gown

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After months of planning for your wedding, you want to make sure that the day goes off without a hitch. This includes making sure all of the flowers are ordered, the catering details are concise and no guest is left without an invitation.

Your wedding gown was the first thing you looked for and the first thing you bought. At the time, Lingerie Sets was probably the last thing on your mind. Many new brides rely off of their bridal shower, bachelorette party or wedding gifts to get the Lingerie Sets they registered for. Shopping for the perfect Lingerie Sets involves making sure you have a form fit as well as a comfortable look that will hold up with you throughout your wedding day. Intimate Wholesalers has a welcoming selection of bustiers—perfect for any bride’s personal style!

A bustier is the perfect piece of Lingerie Sets to pair up with your wedding gown. The bustier fits snuggly while adding gentle support to your mid-frame and extra support within your bustline. For many brides, the bustier is the right choice because it is affordable, sexy and cinches in those troublesome bulges—leaving behind a smooth and sleek look.

Every bride knows that all eyes will be on her as she walks down the aisle and as she is reciting her vows. Critique from head to toe is to be expected. The bustier will remain hidden under the dress and silently acting as the workhorse while the wedding gown lies flawlessly on the body.

Depending on what type of dress is being worn will depend greatly on what type of bustier will make the perfect match.

Strapless wedding dresses are the most popular choices for many modern brides. Accentuation of the bustline, arms and chest is put on visual display. Many bustiers come with straps. For a strapless dress design you will want to go with a strapless bustier. The strapless bustier will provide a luxurious piece of silky Lingerie Sets that will make you feel soft and sensuous throughout the day—without overpowering.

If the dress has a defining cup—try a cupless bustier to add support on the breast line. Cupless bustiers are great choices for strapless dresses with defined cups rather than “straight across the chest” styles.

If you really need added support in the mid-section or bustline—purchase a bustier that has underwire support. Some busters have a slight boning material in them to cinch the waist—similar to a corset but not as extreme. This is also a benefit if you haven’t been able to lose those stubborn 5 pounds—the bustier will instantly slim you.

For low-cut back dresses—finding the right bustier for added support can be challenging. A sheer and lace bustier may be a viable option—as long as the lace is the same color as the dress. Some bustier styles offer low-cut back designs, but the overall chest support is what lends the form fitting benefits of the bustier.

Strappy wedding gowns are a popular and classic design for a wedding gown. Simple straps, cuffed sleeves and off- the shoulder looks are all popular wedding gown choices. For this style of dress, you have more options for selecting the bustier of your choice. When choosing underwire cup support, make sure that the dress design will accompany the support lines—otherwise it will be uncomfortable as well as unattractive.

The color of the bustier is equally important. Intimate Wholesalers sells bridal Lingerie Sets that is simple and elegant in choice colors of white or off- white. Be sure to choose a color that matches and accentuates the dress. While most wedding dresses are made from solid fabrics—the lace and sheer highlights allow the Lingerie Sets to peep through.

From casual to formal—the bustier does more than just lend a hand to the hard working bride—it leaves behind a feeling of sensuality and beauty. Let Intimate Wholesalers find you the perfect bustier for all of your wedding needs.



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