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A look at yellow diamonds and its counterparts

by anonymous

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For a very long time, the yellow diamond had not been taken too seriously by the fashionistas. This is mainly because coloured diamonds were not held in a high esteem by jewelers, who overlooked the beauty and aesthetic appeal of such stones in light of the fact that they are, so-called, ‘impure.’ Technically, the point of view is absolutely correct. A diamond would be conventionally ‘pure’ only if it is white, since any kind of colour actually indicates the presence of foreign substances that had been trapped within the carbon bonds during the process of formation. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that that most people had taken coloured diamonds to be a tainted version of the stone, and therefore less desirable.  Down the years, however, the viewpoint as changed considerably.  A lot of people have today started to take an active interest in the coloured diamonds, taking the tinge of colour as something that adds to the rarity of the stone rather than tarnishing it. The reason behind this, of course, can be well understood; while white diamonds in themselves are rare enough, they are nothing compared to the coloured ones. Besides, the beauty of the coloured gemstones is something that simply cannot be denied.

Today, there are thousands of people who opt for the coloured diamond over the white one.  The popularity of these stones can be attributed greatly to celebrities and designers.  Along with the increase in the standard of living throughout the world, more and more people have started to come within the income bracket that is capable of buying these highly expensive items of luxury. On the other hand, as a natural consequence of his flourishing affluence, more and more people are being able to afford designer clothes, which means that apparel and jewellery designers also have forayed into the common market instead of catering only to the elite and the celebrated. Coloured diamonds have caught the fancy of a lot of people, who have learned to take the colors of the stones as an enhancement of their rarity and beauty instead of being as a blot on the same.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the diamond market has been staggering under the sudden onslaught of a demand for colored diamonds, be it the pink, the blue, the green or even the rarest of rare gemstones, the canary yellow diamond. The market is, of course, trying hard to keep up with the demand, which has resulted in several merchants opening up new vistas of marketing; so, one can now shop for yellow diamonds or blue diamonds online. The demand for these diamonds, in this age of commercialization, has been pulled up quite a few significant notches by celebrities, the ultimate trendsetters. Johnny Damon, the celebrated baseball star, recently wowed the world by presenting his fiancée with a beautiful ring studded with a spectacular yellow diamond. The trend has been made even more follow-able by stars from the entertainment industry like Heidi Klum, Varonica Varekova and Joy Enriquez.

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