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Payment Gateway services with AES Encryption

by sappayroll

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The invoice clearing solutions using electronic payments like Credit Cards, Payment Cards and other electronic cards with AES Encryption, we have helped many clients who have been using SAP software. With our expertise in integrated and secure processing of payments using world leading payment gateways like Chase Paymentech, First Data, Cyber Source, TSYS, Moneris, OGONE and many others – we are very confident that we can customize and implement for your company – “a real-time processing of card payments solutions in your SAP enterprise” reducing yours DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) using card payment clearing solutions. We offer many variations of tokenization as per recommendations of the PCI DSS council. As a customer, you will get to implement one or many variations of tokenization in your SAP system or Web-store so as to securely store the card numbers in tokenized format.

Some customers Uses Company issued Payment Cards (a.k.a., P-Cards) and others use Government Issued Payment Cards for processing detailed invoice line items that capture, let us say, sales taxes, discounts, Value Added Taxes (VAT). Some other customers typically use Level I or Level II or Level III cards, which again depends on the detail card information to be captured so as to process card authorizations and settlement of funds. For compliance with PCI DSS security, we have developed AES 256 encryption and tokenization algorithm to tokenize the card number so that neither SAP system nor Web-store will store the RAW card number. We will help the customer to be PCI DSS compliant using our advanced security implementation of card payment solutions. During this time, we sent the token data across the wire for processing ensuring secure, integrated card processing.

Over the years, we have integrated with more than 20 payment gateways around the world for our SAP and Web based Customers who were interested in integrating payment processing in real time. What we have learnt is the fact that, every payment gateway is different in the way it integrates with third party software and each customer needs are different as they negotiate what’s best for them in terms of the interchange rate based on their card transaction volume, level of card information that is processed like Sales tax and line item details, multi currencies, type of card brands like Visa, Master Card, AMEX or Discover. The card data that is stored in your SAP system completely encrypted and tokenized. When we process card number data with payment gateways, we need to transmit card numbers for authorizations, settlements, reversals, voids and many other card transaction types. For more details

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