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Virtual Private Hosting Giving Cost Efficient SEO Web Hostin

by seohost01

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Virtual dedicated hosting with SEO has become the latest sensation among the website owners and webmaster, who are witnessing a surge in the traffic to their site. The majority of these websites was initially hosted over the shared server hosting but gradually with the rise in the incoming traffic, the resources were hard pressed. Shifting the websites to dedicated server hosting plans would have cost a fortune but VPS hosting services came into rescue with its cost effective packages. The VPS hosting offers the same kind of service that a dedicated server hosting would give but at a very marginal cost of the latter.

Virtual private server has derived its name from the kind of role it plays in SEO web hosting. Here a VPS host perfectly executes all the required actions as a dedicated hosting server. This is done even while the entire physical server shares its system resources with the other VPS hosting systems over the machine. The best part here is the way everything is managed. Although the server is a dedicated machine but it has been sliced into a couple of virtual servers. It is done by a virtualization software. The major attributes of VPS hosting services are as below;

  • In order to combine the virtual dedicated server hosting with SEO, C Class IPs are provided in the VPS hosting services. These IPs are dedicated to the particular website that is being hosted over the virtual private hosting server. These unpredictable ranges of the different C Class IPs with unique nameservers, info and reverse DNS is meant to perfectly cheat the search engine bots.
  • VPS hosting services in combination with multiple Class C IPs provide couple of free add-ons to the clients. In these, CPU, disk space, bandwidth with RAM are the most common components that are shared among all the virtual dedicated servers over a physical server. The sharing of resources in a parallel interface enables every virtual private hosting server, to get the optimum volume of bandwidth with server uptime. This consequently assists the websites hosted over a VPS host to meet the necessary demand of the online business.
  • Few VPS hosting service providers also offer backup RAM to handle the excess load of data at the peak hours of business. This smooths out the performance of the websites that are being hosted on these virtual private servers.
  • For people who do not have anything to do with a VPS server, they can still make a decent profit from it by making it a virtual shared server. After which they can resell every separate account to a customer. This business option is mostly known as the reseller SEO hosting.

Other than the above attributes, the main feature of VPS hosting is its client support service facilities that have constantly set up a milestone in every issue that is connected to the resolution of efficiency and speed. All the issues are received and replied through chats, phone calls, tickets or emails, conveniently by the client as well as the service provider. is one of the best SEO web hosting provider which provides SEO web hosting and virtual dedicated hosting for webmasters around the world using both dedicated server hosting and virtual private server hosting and give a way to ensure that their websites reach the top ranks of all major search engines. This is the innovative technique of VPS hosting.

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