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The Perks of Fitting Surveillance Systems in Philadelphia

by alexanderlandrum

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In these crime-laden age, Philadelphians are aware that it takes more than top-quality door locks to keep business establishments secure at all times. You would have to utilize Philadelphia surveillance systems to secure your possessions, protect the welfare of your personnel, and ascertain that there is proper evidence of any offense. Read on to find out more.

What are video security systems?

These are systems that oversee activities in industrial establishments or buildings, homes, and public areas such as parks, schools, and others. The activities taped can be viewed in real time or checked at a later time, and can be primarily valuable in identifying crime perpetrators. For instance, a burglary suspect was seen on camera in early November while he was taking cash and credit cards from an employee's purse in a Philadelphia office structure, instigating a police hunt for him.

What are my choices for security cameras?

Dome cameras

These cameras are typically placed in the ceilings of commercial establishments. Their dome-like layout makes these video cameras convenient to detect, but people would not be able to see whether the camera is aiming at them or not. As such, dome cameras are typically utilized in retail stores and malls to unobtrusively watch possible thiefs.

Day/Night cameras

These camera equipment are terrific for outdoor spots with varying light conditions including parking lots. They can catch video clearly at day or at night. They're best to use in institutions with differing work schedules to protect employees whenever they head to the parking lot alone.

IP cameras

If you do a lot of business journeying, you can still keep an eye on your place of business by setting up IP cams. These cameras are devised to send images or videos over any device with an Internet connection, be it a smartphone or a laptop. The captured images or videos can also be recorded on digital video recorders.

What are business alarms?

Business alarms sound off and alert the Police in case of a theft or a fire. To acquire effective business security systems Philadelphia, count on security solution service providers who can provide you with top-notch items from leading service providers like Honeywell. To find out more, visit

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