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Taking a Farm and Cottage Holiday for your Summer Vacation

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Though we all think about going away for the Summer to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, we rarely follow through on these thoughts. This is a shame as there are plenty of benefits to living for a little while up in the country.

Living Among Nature

Of course the major appeal of living in the country side is the country itself. Spending a few weeks or even months among trees, rivers, and all the wild life can be bliss. There are plenty of activities to do that just aren't possible in the city. For instance, when was the last time you could sit down by a pond and fish in the city? The last time you could take a real hike? The last time you could pet and feed farm animals? The country has a lot to offer the city doesn't.

A Touch Of Home

That isn't to say that you'll need to completely divorce yourself from technology to do all of this. Just looking at the Shropshire campsite they offer electricity, Telford caravan storage, and easy access to numerous towns and hamlets. If you decide to go camping for an extended period of time a tent is probably not the way to go when caravan rentals will more than pay for themselves by the trips end. Of course even if you don't have a caravan camping somewhere with electricity can still give you modern day comforts while still enjoying the olden day feel of the country.

Local Sights

When you go into a city it usually isn't all that atmospheric. Certainly it's enjoyable, but it's enjoyable for the same reason cable TV is enjoyable; there's something for everyone if you look, even if the looking isn't all that fun. When it comes to country towns though it's almost the polar opposite. Certainly, there's less to do since a country town has only a fraction of the activities and stores a larger town has. But even just walking around a small hamlet can let you soak up the history and the atmosphere in a way that's impossible in newer, bigger cities that have constantly demolished and rebuilt over their traditional architecture.

Local People

Small town people tend to be a fair bit easier to get along with too. At the very least you can see all manner of people at the local pub. While in larger towns different sorts of people frequent different places, almost everyone who finds company pleasurable ends up at the same pub. It may be intimidating to ask around about the local sights, stories, and activities, you shouldn't be. Usually a local will be happy to help you and spend some time with you talking and drinking, at least if drinking is something you like to do. If not, there are plenty of people who'd be happy to cover your slack!

The country is a unique experience for those who are more familiar with an urban way of life. Though it may seem like you'll be retreating to the middle of nowhere, you can still enjoy country living without giving up your modern comforts.


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