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Common Questions About Building a Plan for Data Recovery

by rubybadcoe

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Data recovery is a business continuity plan that helps Los Angeles companies prepare for disruptive events, which may range from a catastrophic earthquake to a power outage caused by a tractor digging in the vicinity. The ability to keep office productivity is critical. Thus, data recovery strategies need to be developed so that technology can be used to meet the needs of the business.

Data recovery for Los Angeles companies may involve complex steps that require thorough knowledge of how various applications and data sets operate. To retrieve data and restore systems back online, businesses need to allocate the time to make the data recovery process as easy and as hitch-free as possible. Below are some of the most common questions about building an effective data recovery plan.

What does a data recovery plan include?

All data recovery plans need to encompass where employees will go, how they will communicate, and how they will keep doing their jobs. Details can vary greatly and will depend on the size of your company and the way it does business. However, the critical point is that you need to find a way for the IT and human resources to function co-dependently. Neither element can be ignored.

How do I start developing a data recovery plan?

The best thing to do first is perform a business impact analysis. This will tell you what your company’s most crucial systems are and what the effects of losing them will be to your business. The greater the potential effects, the more necessary it is to find a way to restore your systems quickly.

Will business be disrupted when a data recovery plan is being developed?

Data recovery plans require drills and live action tests. Tabletops and paper simulations are not enough. Although building a data recovery plan will disrupt your business operations momentarily, they are sure to benefit you in the long run; it’s best not to bypass this very important step in the data recovery planning process.

Data loss can be devastating to a company, making it a critical area in business operations that should not be overlooked. A Los Angeles data recovery specialist can be a great help to you in this area. Learn more about data recovery and business continuity on

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