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Anatomy of teeth and Cavities: Causes, Effects and Treatment

by MuradThakur

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Teeth, the hardest parts of human body are very much important to human body. Shinny and health teeth enhance the beauty of face.  Teeth are important for chew and grinding something. They play a vital role in delivering speech. The different parts of a tooth are:





The white part of a tooth is called enamel. It is the hardest part of tooth. The element that build enamel are calcium, phosphate and hard-rock mineral.


Dentin is a layer which is found inside of enamel. It is made up of living cells. It hides a hard mineral substance.


Pulp is the inner structure of teeth. It is living and soft. We know blood vessels and nerves passes through the pulp.

What is cavity?

Cavity is one of the dental diseases. It is decay of teeth leaving whole on teeth. Pit is seen when cavity is occur.

How does cavity grow?

However, carbohydrate is one of the food items of balance diet. It includes starch and sugar. Candy, soda (in fizz drink), cakes, cereals, milk etc when left in teeth causes teeth decay. There are bacteria inside our mouth. They digest our food and turn them into acid. From them, plaque forms on teeth in collaboration with saliva, food particles, acid and bacteria.  Plaque adheres with teeth and turns into tartar. The plaque consists of acid which dissolve the enamel, the hardest white outer covering of teeth. As a result, holes are created in the teeth. These holes are known as cavities or caries in medical science.

Who are victimized of cavities?

It is a general believe that children are mostly victim of cavities. It is not totally false. But, the aged people also suffer from cavities. The reason for the children is that they often take candy, fizzy drinks, cereal and milk. The gum of adult is sometimes displaced and become vulnerable to plaque. The filling also gets attacked of plaque. The aged people in their earlier life did not get fluoride which save teeth from cavity. That is why their teeth are prone to cavities or caries. Actually, in the passage of time the enamel wanes and cavities grow to be acute.

How to be identified:

Orlando Family dentist  says that cavities can be identified in different ways. They are as follow :

 *Acute pain in teeth

*Softening of enamel

*Sensitivity of teeth while taking hot, cold or sweet food or drinks

*Dental X-ray

*Regular check-up by a dentist


There is no need to be much worried of cavities as most of the cavities are curable. The treatment of cavities depends on the depth of cavities. It the cavities are not so serious, the pit is drilled by dentist and repair it with filling. In this type of filling some substances are used. They are composite of resin, silver alloy, gold and porcelain. But, when it is acute, dentist must take different measures. The damaged part of the teeth is removed with great care and repair. Then a crown is build with gold or porcelain. All these materials used in filling are regarded safe.


According to the Family dentistry at Orlando,we should take premeasured in this case. The following measures can be taken for prevention.

*Regular brushing (twice a day after meals)

*Using fluoride enriched toothpaste

*Using anti cavity toothpaste

*Avoiding sugar and starch containing food (as much as possible)

*Consult a dentist after a certain period of time.

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