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Choose the gastric bypass surgery procedure and control obes

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Most bariatric surgeries have gained popularity as a successful treatment for morbidly obese people. In other words, people who keep putting on weight, despite exercising, dieting and eating strict low calorie diet, these surgeries come across as options. In some cases the obesity reaches a stage called ‘morbid obesity’ where the person’s BMI (Body Mass Index) value goes beyond 35. This condition is usually associated with other life-threatening diseases. It becomes difficult to control weight and often the person’s lifespan decreases with time. Bariatric surgeries like the gastric bypass surgery procedures are doing a wonderful job and saving thousands of lives every year.

Generally there are three types of weight reduction surgeries: restrictive, malabsorptive and a combination of both. In gastric bypass surgery procedure the normal size of the abdomen is reduced to restrict food intake levels in the body. It is carried out by two methods: Roux-en-y and extensive Gastric Bypass methods. In both methods, digestive system is altered in some way to restrict the amount of food an individual can intake and digest. This keeps the person away from overeating, which is one of the most popular causes of obesity. Small stomach will fill quickly leaving the person satisfied without any occurrences of hunger pangs.

This method also involves reconnecting of intestines and creating a bypass for large chunk of food. Removing part of stomach helps in skipping absorption of calories and nutrients in the process of digestion. Fewer calories lead to weight loss and the person can survive from morbid obesity. Although due to excessive loss of nutrients in the resulting process, post surgery condition can lead to nutritional disorders. There are advantages and disadvantages of every surgical procedure. Many surgeons have finally managed to combine both types of surgeries to get desired and safe results.

It is very important for the any obese person to consult a reputed and qualified surgeon for the task. The surgeon should be confident and experienced enough in handling laparoscopic procedures. Do not forget that the entire process is complicated and requires the patient to strictly follow a diet. Post surgery the person usually experiences weight loss for next 18 to 24 months. It helps in controlling the other associated lethal health disorders like heart problems, diabetes, sleep apnoea, hypertension and blood pressure to a great extent. He will experience a significant improvement in health and his quality of life.

Before choosing this surgery, it is important for every individual to understand the risk factors and the procedure in detail. The revolutionary laparoscopic Gastric Bypass surgery procedure results in a shorter hospital stay, faster recovery, smaller scars and less pain.

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