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The Factors that ensure the Effect of Flotation

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Reasonable slurry mixing intensity and time are the important guarantee to achieve good flotation effect. The agitation of the pulp in the flotation machine can not only promote the suspension and even distribution of mineral particles in the tank; but also strengthen the dissolution of the air in the high pressure region of the tank and the precipitation in the low pressure area to cause a large amount of active micro vesicle. The agitation of the slurry in the flotation process can be piled into two phases in accordance with its role: First, the pulp stirring before entering the flotation machine; second, the stirring after the pulp enter the flotation machine. The former is carried out in the adjustment slot, and its role is to accelerate the mutual role of the ore particles and a pharmaceutical. The latter is to make the mineral particles suspended, to achieve bubble diffusion and to promote the adhesion of the ore particles on the bubble.
To strengthen the stir in the adjustment slot can promote the role of mineral particles and reagent and shorten the pulp adjustment time and save dosages. The stir intensity in the adjustment slot depends on the rotational speed of the impeller. The higher the speed of the impeller is, the greater the agitation intensity will be.
The appropriate stir intensity is advantageous, but it should not be too strong. Over-inflated and agitation will have the following disadvantages: (1) to promote the annexation of the bubble; (2) to increase the wear and tear of the flotation machine; (3) to increase the power consumption; (4) to reduce slurry volume in the tank; (5 ) to reduce the quality of concentrate; (6) excessive agitation may also make mineral particles attached to the bubbles fall off. The time of the stir of flotation machine should be determined by the dispersion level of the reagent in the water and the speed of acting on the mineral particles.

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