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10 Recipes to Enjoy in AMLI's Luxury Apartments

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Many future renters (and inspiring gourmet chefs) look for luxury apartment rentals in Alpharetta, GA with large kitchens for cooking up a storm. At AMLI North Point, AMLI's newest luxury apartments in Alpharetta, the kitchens are expansive and provide plenty of counter space to whip up the next culinary masterpiece. In fact, many of the rentals in Alpharetta, GA available at AMLI North Point have large islands that are perfect for chopping, dicing, mixing, stirring, slicing and, well, serving up any meal.


Residents at AMLI's newest rentals in Alpharetta,GA, AMLI North Point, may be looking for some cuisine inspiration to test out all of the ENERGY STAR appliances in their new kitchens. With that being said, we decided to list out some recipes that will not only put the stove and oven to the test, but your culinary skills as well.


Below are 10 recipes to try in the kitchen of your AMLI North Point apartment rentals in Alpharetta, GA:


1. Butternut Squash Stuffed Shells in a Lemon Sage Sauce

This tasty dinner sounds hard, but it's super easy and will have your luxury apartment in Alpharetta smelling divine. This is the perfect dish to impress those who doubt how great of a cook you are. Even if your kitchen finesse isn't quite up to par, it's a pasta dish so it will still be simple to make.


2. Strawberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

Attending a brunch and don't want to bring the traditional cinnamon rolls or coffee cake? This is a perfect solution that will be sure to please even the pickiest palettes. Coffee and cheesecake's can offer you the best opportunity to test out your baking skills and use that huge oven that's in your rentals in Alpharetta, GA. Plus, this tasty dish will be yummy for days after - that is if it isn't devoured beforehand!


3. Ground Beef Stew

Ok, so this is a crock-pot stew and doesn't really need the use of any of your top-of-the-line appliances in your new AMLI luxury apartments in Alpharetta, but it just looked so delicious we decided you should go ahead and make it anyway. There's no way to mess this up, so if you're lacking in the serious kitchen skills, this is the recipe for you. Throw it in your crock-pot and eat it the next day.


4. Sweet Potato Casserole

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner in your luxury apartment in Alpharetta? This staple Turkey Day side dish is sure to impress all your guests! In addition to being absolutely delicious and somewhat healthy it will look like you spent hours and hours in the kitchen (And it really only takes an hour)! Make use of all the counter space in your luxury apartments in Alpharetta by making this sweet casserole.


5. BBQ Chicken Pie

If you are looking for something to serve to the carnivore in your life this is it! You can't go wrong with BBQ and this main meal is BBQ heaven. Make your apartment rentals in Alpharetta, GA, smell delicious and be sure to make all your roommates, family members and guests salivate at the very smell and sight of this pie.


6. Citrus Grilled Halibut

So, if you have mastered chicken, beef and pork next is fish. Fish is tricky, but this healthy and tasty recipe is sure to please if you are willing to test it out in your ENERGY STAR oven at your AMLI homes for rent in Alpharetta. If you are looking for a dish to impress this is it.


7. The Baked Brownie

Going to a potluck and in charge of dessert? This is THE dessert to bring. This little recipe has been featured on Oprah and now it can be featured in your kitchen. Totally blow away your dessert competition by baking this brownie in your humongous luxury apartments in Alpharetta kitchen. It's OK if you make a mess because these moist and decadent treats are worth it.


8. Apple Pie Moonshine

This is a drink, an adult beverage to be exact, but it still takes some cooking so we thought it would be worthy of trying. This tasty and smooth drink is perfect for a fall party or just because! Test out your stainless steel stove in your new luxury apartments in Alpharetta with this adult beverage (here's our disclaimer: drink responsibly), which is sure to be a hit for every season and occasion.


9. Avocado Fries

Every Southerner loves anything fried, how about trying a tasty twist on fries by making some avocado fries. You can even call them “healthy” since avocadoes are a super food. Make your new kitchen in your AMLI rentals in Alpharetta, GA, smell Southern with these yummy sides.


10. Grilled Chicken

Grilling is the perfect summer meal. Try out this delicious grilled chicken on one of our grill pits by our community pool. It will make the perfect outdoor meal to have in our luxury apartments in Alpharetta. Plus there really isn't a way you can mess it up!

There are our 10 recipes to test out all the new appliances and gadgets in the homes for rent in Alpharetta, GA. Let us know what your favorite recipes to get your kitchen dirty are!


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