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Data Recovery Can Still Recover Your ‘Shift-Deleted’ Files

by rubybadcoe

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Pressing Delete on a selected file sends it to the Recycle Bin; but a combo of Shift and Delete erases it for good. At least, that’s what most people thought when they tried the latter method; but experts say the files you “shift-deleted” are still on the computer. They’re simply hanging out in a back alley somewhere in your system.

Los Angeles CA data recovery can still recover the files that were shift-deleted with the correct software. It’s all a matter of scanning a part of the system called a Master File Table (MFT), part of the later New Technology File System (NTFS). When you shift-delete files, you just take out their physical means by which they can be opened. The data can still be found in the MFT, but in the form of metadata.

This is good news for people who have deleted files by accident; the app exists to recover files. It is bad news, however, for people who’d believe no hacker can ever steal or recover his deleted files on the computer. Deleting the metadata in the MFT can delete the file for good, as if its existence had just been wiped out.

Just as there is a software for data recover in Los Angeles CA and elsewhere, there’s also an app to totally erase the file from the computer. One of these programs is Microsoft’s SDelete, a free-to-download command line tool that overwrites the free space from the hard disk to tap into the MFT. It can be accessed via Command Prompt by typing “sdelete” (minus the quotation marks).

So the next time you delete your 150-page report to your boss by accident, keep calm and look for the right software to recover it. Chances are that its metadata is still present somewhere in the system, either waiting to be recovered or deleted for good. If you’ve stored the files you in a secure backup, it’s important to commence total deletion afterwards. Hackers are getting more skilled at swiping your shift-deleted files right under your nose.

Visit for more information about the different software available to perform total deletion of files. Most of them, if not all, are free to download and use. For details on where the deleted files are stored, read the article at

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