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Act of Smiling can Dramatically Improve One’s Mood

by chrislewis567

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It’s a well documented fact that a nice smile can give you the edge in a job interview, appear more attractive to the opposite sex and allow you to smile with confidence in photographs. In fact, a study conducted by the British Dental Health Foundation found out that the act of smiling can dramatically improve one’s mood. However, if you’ve gone through the lengthy process of improving your smile by having your teeth straightened then this may be something that you’re already aware of.

Having attained that winning smile, the last thing patients want to do is reverse the whole process by not wearing their assigned dental retainers. Dentists can’t emphasise the importance of wearing your retainer enough, and warn that if it’s not worn on a regular basis, then your teeth may drift towards their original positions and become unable to correct. The retainer acts as a counter to this “drifting” and stabilises the teeth in their ideal positions so that the jaw bone, mouth structure and teeth surrounding have the ideal environment to adapt to the changes the treatment may bring about.

Retainers come in several different shapes and forms; fixed and unfixed, plastic, and wired. Depending on the retainer that you may require, your orthodontist will ensure that they find the most suitable one for you. The way this is achieved is by finding the best balance between the hygiene, control of the teeth, and the preference of retainer desired by the client.

A fixed retainer is generally made from a special piece of wire that sticks to the back of your teeth, either at the top or the bottom, holding the them in place whilst not obstructing your smile. It’s highly recommended that you avoid any foods that may be hard, sticky or crunchy as they increase the chance of discomfort.

A removable retainer can be made from either a special piece of wire, or alternatively a hard or soft piece of plastic. When made from wire, this does bring about a thin wire layer when smiling, where-as soft or clear plastic sits invisible in your mouth in the form of a mouthguard. It’s recommended that you don’t eat or drink with your removable retainer in place, and that you clean it on a regular basis with a toothbrush, soap and lukewarm water.

Retainers can be expensive to replace if misplaced or lost, so please be careful when removing them to eat or clean.

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