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Choose the right paper and ink for your folders printing

by printcosmo123

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If you are looking for something which can neatly hold your papers and serve as a marketing tool both at the same time then you need to have custom pocket folders. If you have ever had custom printing done before you would have appreciated the way all your papers fit in perfectly and how easy they were retrieved again. Conversely, buying a folder from the market will serve the purpose of keeping the papers, but it will never serve the marketing purpose your company needs. Whenever you need new folders for your records you should opt for custom printed rather than just buying the regular ones from the market. Choose your custom folders carefully and get the perfect design for it.

Choose cover design

Whenever you decide to go for  you should consider what paper would you like to be used. The printing should be ordered in a way that defines the nature of your business. It would act as a marketing tool once you get your initials printed on them. Use the design which describes your company in the best way. If you want it to have some pictures then using a gloss covered sheet would be more appropriate. This would make the folder look more attractive and would not blow the formal look. But if you prefer the elegant and bold looks for your folder then using a dull, matte or even a satin press would be the best choice. The solid color presents a prestigious style which will be admired by all.

Choose cover paper

After you are done with choosing the best design for your , you should start thinking about the paper weight and thickness. The thicker the cover, the better it gets. Strong covers provide better protection to the papers inside. The stiff board is much easier to carry because it retains its shape whatever the outer conditions may be. While your papers are safe inside a hard cover there may be a slight drawback to it. The thickness would require more space when storing it in the file cabinet. The regular cover is not too thick so it requires less space when storing.

Choosing the ink

This can be a very important part when getting your printed folders. It is always best to use the colors of your logo to get your company name printed on it. But sometimes there can be conflicts with the background color so you might have to reconsider the ink. Your colors will depend on the type of printing you avail. Whether you use a simple one or two color folders printing or an intricate four color job. It depends on what you have chosen for your folders and you need to decide where to place your initials too. Using in the center is the most common practice, but you can decide to be different too. Always use bright colors for the logo and the company name when you have a dull or a solid color background. If you have used pictures then a contrasting color should be applied.

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