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Repairing damaged ZIP files

by anonymous

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These days, there are lots of companies that do promotional work of their products and their services using specifically developed websites and through social media. For this purpose, they often upload the brochures, promotional offers, etc onto the website in the form of ZIP files that can be downloaded by the user. However, at times these ZIP files, when downloaded, turn out to be corrupt and you are unable to extract data from it. In such cases, I would recommend using a third-party ZIP repair software that can repair the corrupt ZIP file.

Consider a situation in which you have downloaded a ZIP file from a website. But you are unable to extract the data from the ZIP file, as the following error message pops up while you do so:

“WinZip Self-Extractor header corrupt. Possible cause: bad disk or file transfer error.”

There could be the following reasons for this strange behavior of the ZIP file:

The storage area where the ZIP file was stored has some disk-related issues. Because of this, the ZIP file is not stored properly.
The ZIP file has got damaged while during uploading or downloading.

To resolve the first problem, you should delete the downloaded file and then run the Windows ScanDisk tool to repair any disk-related inconsistency. This can be done by using the following steps:
Double-click My Computer on your desktop.
Right-click C: drive, and then select 'Properties' from the context menu.
Click Tools | Check Now.
Select all the hard disks.
Select A to perform a thorough test.
Select the 'Automatically Fix Errors' option, and then click Start to start the scanning process. The scan time depends entirely on the size of the hard disk and the amount of data it has to scan.
Once the scanning is complete, you should again download the ZIP file from the website and extract it.

However, if you still are unable to extract the contents, it means that the ZIP file is damaged. In such case, you should repair ZIP file using a third-party ZIP repair utility. These tools recover content without damaging the original file.

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