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Tips to kill bedbugs yourself or though professional service

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Climez lectularius, commonly called Bed bugs, are tiny wingless insects that have adapted to human environment and feed on blood through hematophagy. There are many species of this bug, and they feed on animals like rats, mice, rabbits, etc. They are known as bed dugs, as they are found primarily in beds, sofas, and mattresses. Bed bug infestation is now a common and a serious problem in homes, as      the saliva that these bugs inject in the skin can result into mild to chronic allergic reactions. This is why it is important to kill bedbugs. However, getting rid of bed bugs can be quite difficult.


Try bugs spray


Get one of the mattress bugs spray, which is effecting in killing bed bugs, but keep an eye on the quality of the spray. A few of the sprays can be dangerous for health, and as the sprays are used on beds or sofas, and one is more likely to be exposed to the spray in such places. Therefore, it is wise to pick a spray, which kills the bugs and is safe for humans at the same time. Special attention should be paid to the instructions of using such sprays for getting rid of bed bugs.


Look for various options


With increased travelling homes are more exposed to bed bugs, but by paying attention to crevices and cracks and by using the right product, one can attain a bedbug-free home. Look for superior products formulated for controlling bed bugs such as bed bug dusts, growth regulators, control kits, and even trap for bed bugs. Buying mattresses with allergen protection and buying box spring covers are other ways of staying away from bed bugs. While travelling remember to use a bed bug spray on your luggage and bedding to make sure that bed bugs do not accompany you on your way back.


Hire professional extermination service


For severe infestation, it is better to hire a bedbug extermination service. This helps to prevent infestation in future as well. The process of extermination begins with an inspection to determine the level of infestation. Once this is done, the treatment protocol is decided and then the exterminators get down on eliminating the bed bugs by using different kinds of tools. They even inspect adjoining rooms to look for infestation in there, as bed bugs can travel from one place to another.


Cost of extermination


Hiring a professional bedbug extermination service might cost you more than trying to kill bedbugs yourself, but the first way is much safer and effective as compared to the second one. For professional treatment of bed bugs, the price is determined according to size of the affected area and the kind of treatment required for eliminating the bugs. The treatment with a guarantee is more expensive than simple treatments. A property’s condition is another determinant of the problem, so the treatment required might vary from one home to another. Service providers might also charge for recurring exterminating treatments done with pesticides to ensure that the bed bugs do not come back into your home again. 

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