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Urinary Incontinence Products - Why not Choose A Pessary?

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Urinary incontinence is an inconvenient condition and it is sometimes an embarrassing problem faced by many women. Ladies with this problem worry about leakage of urine when they sneeze or cough and to protect themselves from embarrassment, they will have to opt for urinary incontinence products like protective pads and underwear. If a lady hates to wear these sorts of protective pads, there are other options available for her. The other popular option available is the pessary specially meant for these women.

Pessaries are the best option for women, who are affected by uncontrollable bladder and women can get details about the same from their health care provider. It is nothing, but a stiff ring that should be inserted into the vagina and should be worn all through the day. This urinary incontinence product can hold up the bladder and can stop leakage of urine and this would be the best choice for women with dropped uterus or bladder and they are highly suitable for women with stress incontinence. This product is generally fitted under the guidance of a health care provider and before replacing the same, it can be used for one year. It should be removed for regularly cleaning it and the removal and inserting process is easier as well. Above all, this product is affordable as well.

It is a better option for women, who are afraid of surgical procedures like Tension-Free Vaginal Tape or TVT Procedure. It is the great option for women, who are physically active and it can offer them with a healthier and happier way of living. When using pessary, the lady will be advised by her healthcare provider to make use of some oestrogen cream in the vaginal area with a view to maintain vaginal health and also to keep the product in place.

When it comes to placing of pessary, it should be done only under medical supervision and the medical care provider will be in a position to offer the right kind of suggestion for women with incontinence problem. They will only be in a position to decide whether this product is enough for a woman, rather than opting for TVT procedure or any other therapies and medical procedures. So, ladies with this problem should carefully select the best hospital dealing for women health issues and only an experienced health care provider will be in a position to offer the right kind of suggestion in this regard.

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