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Interesting Facts about the Cordyceps sinensis Extract

by mackshepperson

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Cordyceps sinensis is a unique species of mushroom because, unlike many, more recognizable species of mushroom, it is parasitic in a unique way. Just as most mushrooms prefer specific species of woods for their habitat, Cordyceps sinensis grows on the caterpillar of the Thiradores moth. But the difference stops there, as the healthful Cordyceps sinensis extract shares many benefits similar to other species of mushrooms in East Asia.

The Thiradores moth primarily lives in the Tibetan Plateau and the Himalayas, where the caterpillars feed on roots of grasses. It is unclear how exactly the mushroom infiltrates these caterpillars, but one theory is that the mushroom's spores enter the caterpillars' breathing pores. The mushroom then grows within the caterpillar's body until it dies; it then grows out of the caterpillar's body.

Tibetan people value these mushrooms highly. Some of them go to great lengths to pick specimens and sell them at a high price. This is due to the health benefits attributed to the species as prescribed in Tibetan traditional medicine. There is significant mention of the Cordyceps mushroom in a medieval book about ancient Chinese medicine.

In modern medicine, Cordyceps sinensis extract is found to contain the substance cordycepin. This is a unique β-glucan polysaccharide has anti-inflammatory properties. It can provide relief from symptoms of swelling and fever in various infections.*

The β-glucan polysaccharides in Cordyceps sinensis extract also contributes to immune system regulation. This substance can stimulate the production of white blood cells that can kill viruses and bacteria. It can, therefore, accelerate the healing of wounds, prevent infections, and promote recovery from existing infections. With continued use of this medicinal mushroom extract, one can prolong one’s state of good health.*.

These β-glucan polysaccharides are also known to provide stress relief, thanks to the substance's effects on the body's hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. The HPA axis is the set of three endocrine glands responsible for energy, metabolism, and the bodily responses to stress. The body can use β-glucan polysaccharides to regulate the activity of these three endocrine glands and make the body and mind respond to stressful situations in a way that does not compromise the health. To learn more about how Cordyceps sinensis can work for you, visit

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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