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Give Your Boat a Royal Therapy: Use Duck Bumpers

by paulinakimberly

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Boats and yachts are such expensive things that you would want to secure them from even the smallest of scratches. Fortunately, high quality dock bumpers can assist you preserve the charm of your boat in addition to secure the docking facility. These bumpers are typically made of elastomeric product for edge protection, impact absorption, and cushioning.

Fenders and bumpers bear the force of every bump or collision that you may experience while docking. They are taken into account as good investments since they can spare you from needing to shell out money for expensive repair statements. Besides that, they also help keep your dock facility in leading shape. Here are a few of the dock bumpers readily available for your selection.

C-marine Foam Dock Bumpers

These high-end bumpers are made from solid urethane memory foam elastomer. They have a smooth outer texture and tough rubber feel, and are ideal for a boat of up to seventy feet. The strong foam interior makes sure that they will continuously grant topnotch protection although they get crushed or pierced.

K&R Dock Bumpers

More inexpensive than C-marine foam bumpers, this type of dock bumper is fashioned from high molecular polyethylene, a high density kind of plastic. The rigidity of its material and its hollow body construction offers padding and protection for your boat and dock. K&R bumpers are also instilled with UV additive and fungicide that help keep its look and extend its life expectancy.

Wave Dock Bumper System

This bumper system is made from durable polyester core and a smooth PVC cover that is equally UV stable. Such products provide this type of bumper supreme shock-absorbing ability. Moreover, its S-shape operates as the protective grid of your dock. Contrary to what some may presume, these are sold as flat rolls which are curved during the setup, thus providing it the "wave" shape.

Though seemingly petty things, dock bumpers are vital to your boating lifestyle since they assist make docking problem-free and effortless, much like strong dock ladders do. These devices are little but vital financial investments that can spare you from huge boat repair work costs later on. For more boating details, log on to

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