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Advanced Features Every Small Business CRM Program

by carleneschnitzer

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The size of a business often determines its requirements, but there are some requirements that can prove to be advantageous once used as soon as a business starts its operations. One of these is using a Customer Relationship Management system to manage customer information and sale or order transactions. By adopting an efficient small business CRM, business owners can expect daily operational activities to run smoothly.

CRM systems can be customized according to business needs. If an organization is focused on generating leads, the CRM application must be modified to fit in large amounts of customer data, which can be segregated according to surnames, age, marital status, job title, address, or even interests. This will make designing marketing plans a lot easier since the campaigns can be tailored to appeal to a certain group.

Responding to customer e-mails is often a challenge for small business owners since they don't have enough employees to do the task. Having CRM software with a built-in e-mail application can greatly help, as you can have instant access to customer inquiries or requests. This way, you can personalize each reply to your customers instead of having to rely on automated replies.

Miscommunication among employees often happens in small businesses because internal communication procedures haven't been properly set up yet. This can be avoided by using a CRM program that can transmit important messages within employees, especially the ones pertaining to customer requests or inquiries. Everyone is kept in the loop, and accountability is clear.

As most customers now rely on social media to gain knowledge on top-notch products and services, it would be useful if the CRM program can help you gain an insight on your customers in terms of what their interests and likes are on Facebook. The Sage ACT! 2013 from the Sage Group, a leading provider of business software and solutions, has recently added this feature. With Sage ACT! 2013, you can have access to your customer's recent posts on their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

If you and your employees are always on the go promoting your business, it's important to choose CRM software like Sage ACT! 2013—which can be opened on an iPhone, iPad, or Android. To learn more about your CRM options, contact a small business IT consulting group that can provide you advanced and reputable software products. For more information, visit:

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