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Gunvault Safes – The Gunvault GV 1000 Mini Review

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If you are looking for a safe that features finger print recognition (biometrics) but that is just the right size for your gun you may find the Gunvault GV 1000 Mini is the ideal safe for you. Gunvault is currently one of the world leaders when it comes to the manufacture of biometric safes and this model of the Gunvault safes is no exception.


This safe has dimensions of 8.1 x 4.9 x 12 and weighs 8 lbs making it just the right size to fit one handgun and one or two clips. It is made with 16 gauge steel and on the inside it is coated with soft foam to ensure that your contents are not scratched while in storage. It uses an AC adapter which is included when you purchase the safe and uses a 9 volt battery for backup purposes. The interior of the safe is illuminated for your visibility and it can save multiple fingerprints up to 30 to be exact.


Taking into note reviews found across the internet this safe is very good. Consumers confirm that it works well and is a great safe for storing a handgun. They note that it provides effective storage that can be used to keep your handgun safely away at night or to store small valuables such as jewelry etc.


The safe can be easily mounted on any flat surface but ensure that whatever you are placing it on is something that is strong and well-built and preferably large. This recommendation is made due to the weight of the safe which over time may damage a weaker, smaller structure. So we know that its size is adequate and we know that it is built with high quality steel and has a vast amount of storage for biometrics but is it really safe?


Due to the fact that this safe uses biometrics like so many other Gunvault Safes you know that it is very secure. It has a high level of accuracy and will never open to a fingerprint that is not stored. It ensures accuracy by updating and refining the various fingerprint profiles that are stored over time so that it can continue to be precise. Since it is not necessary for you to fumble with keys or try to see a keypad to ensure you are entering the right key this is extremely easy to access in the dark. You simply place your hand on the mat for three seconds and you are in once your fingerprint is stored. This provides you with quick, easy and silent access in the darkness in the event that someone breaks in and you need to access your gun to defend yourself. With the low intensity light found on the inside it also makes it easier for you to just grab your weapon as soon as the door opens.

The safe is nicely priced so the average Joe can afford it and when you purchase from Gunvault or trusted retailers such as Range Master Tactical Gear you don’t have to worry about not getting authentic
Gunvault safes.

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