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Grasshopper Soccer

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Grasshopper Soccer is a community-based Australian soccer organization. Their goal is to teach children between the ages of 2 and 12 the basics of playing soccer while doing so in a fun and social manner. Grasshopper Soccer also offers superior kids soccer coaching in a non-competitive environment. This organization is the ideal business opportunity for those wanting to break into a franchise. <br><br>

Kids franchises offer numerous business opportunities. A kids wear franchise holds the potential to succeed, especially when that kids wear franchise is provided with the competitive edge that Grasshopper Soccer has over other non-competitive soccer programs.<br><br>

Grasshopper Soccer is one of the kids franchises that already has an established brand recognition throughout Australia as well as 20 years of previous business experience. Additionally, Grasshopper Soccer offers you the opportunity to sell branded merchandise in addition to providing kids soccer coaching, so you can generate even more revenue for your business. Grasshopper Soccer also utilizes technology to its fullest via social media, an online enrollment system, online merchandise sales, and by offering each franchise its own sub-domain of the main Grasshopper Soccer website. All these tools work together to help your franchise succeed while providing programs that are fun for all involved and help children build confidence and skills. <br><br>

Starting a franchise with Grasshopper Soccer is ideal for people who like the idea of working for themselves, but not by themselves. Grasshopper Soccer provides you with the freedom and flexibility of owning your own business, but also all the guidance and tools you need to make that business succeed. Plus, you do not need any prior business operation experience. Grasshopper Soccer provides you with plenty of support to help you with your franchise endeavors. All you need is a passion for working with children and adults. It is beneficial if you excel at customer service, operations, sales, marketing, or management; and you should meet Grasshopper Soccer’s minimum financial requirements of $15,000 capital that you are willing to contribute to the startup of your franchise. <br><br>

In addition to offering kids soccer coaching, you will also be selling Grasshopper Soccer’s branded merchandise. That merchandise includes items such as the following: bags, hats, pencil cases, shin guards, shorts, shirts, soccer balls, socks, and sweatbands. <br><br>

Grasshopper Soccer offers communities a positive program by which children can improve their self-confidence as well as their soccer skills. Programs are offered both indoors and outdoors, and actual soccer matches are held, but instead of the focus being on winning, it is on having fun, getting involved, and improving skills.<br><br>


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