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What Is Heavy Highway Use Tax?

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If you are the owner of a group of vehicles that weigh more than 55000 tons, it is mandatory to pay a heavy highway use tax and fill up a 2290 form. Repairing and maintenance of national highways is done with the heavy highway use tax that you pay. The money is also used in constructing new expressways and widening current highways. The main reason for this tax is that heavy duty vehicles like rigid trucks and trailer trucks end up damaging roads while traversing through them with enormous loads. Even though, these roads are built from high quality concrete and other elements, they are not resistant to wear and tear from these heavy vehicles.


You can obtain a2290 form by the traditional method of paper return which takes more time and effort or  you can use the more faster and modern electronic IRS 2290 filing procedure. A paper return procedure takes time, but lets you make corrections without any issues. On the other hand, Electronic filing may be quicker, but your request may be rejected if your form contains duplicate Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs). You have no choice, but to go for the electronic filing procedure if your business or firm contains more than 25 vehicles. You have to make sure that you have all information with you before starting with your filing procedure.  These include fields like business name and info, no. of trucks you are filing for, their gross weight and respective VI No’s.  The Internal Revenue Service lets people file returns more than a single time each year. A smart way to pay smaller amounts and minimizing chances of overpaying and other errors is by consolidating your VIN’s. You have to file 2290 from the first month the vehicle was put on duty on a highway when you are consolidating returns.


Truck tax is something that vehicle owners and operators find hard to pay as they don’t understand the reason for payment. They need to know that it benefits everybody in the long run. Every person and every business require good and proper highways for efficient and smooth commuting. There are quite a few bodies out there that help you with the filing process which will save your valuable time. You just need to sit back and relax and these reliable IRS2290 filing services will do all your work for you. Search online for the company providing the facilities so that you have the best out of the return.


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Tyler Hall, owner of the company, offer online 2290 form for all truck owner/operators. HVUT (Heavy Vehicle Use Tax) provides various benefits including user friendly software, reduces paper usage and saves the environment, easy accessibility of data, easy rectification and resubmission. E-filing can be done from anywhere at any time with the help of efile form 2290.

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