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4 Ideas for Window Treatments to Beautify Your Home

by roxietenner

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You look at your room’s furniture, architecture, and the paint job, and find that there doesn't seem to be anything amiss. But there’s still that dull look that continues to get to you. Perhaps you can make things more lively right after you get window treatments like blinds, shutters, shades, curtains, and draperies. If you're uncertain of where to begin, read below.
Curvy is beautiful

A regular room has plenty of straight lines: the walls' corners, the walls themselves, the cabinets, the tables, and many more. You prefer something that can offset all these. Make use of curved cornices, curved valances, and practically any sort of window treatment that has curved lines. This method is particularly effective in small rooms.

Try a minimalist look

When it comes to using window treatments, simpler is often far better. Make use of thin, delicately-patterned fabric for small rooms instead of heavier and thicker fabric. You may also use flap valances or upholstered cornices. Window treatments should highlight the appeal of a room, not become its focal point.

Lighting counts

You prefer only the right amount of natural light to come into your room. Make use of window treatments like pleated shades that allow some privacy and plenty of light as well. If the windows allow way too much light into a room, make use of wooden blinds or shades. Position the window treatments exactly where the light hits the parts of the room where it's needed the most.

It's all about texture

Texture can make or break a room's ambience. If a room is stuffed with plenty of hard objects, like wooden furniture, put to use soft and curvy window treatments. Alternatively, a carpeted room filled with upholstered furniture could make the most of wooden blinds and shades to present it a hard look without losing warmth. You can even integrate various textures if you believe it's ideal for the room in question.

You're perfectly free to make use of all kinds of window treatments to give life to a room or simply tailor it to your own inclinations. If you want them to fully work their magic, though, you should think about particular factors, such as the privacy required for that room, the room's architecture, the amount of light that room needs. For even more details on window treatment ideas, see

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